Were amanda palmer and brian viglione dating


"Punk rock, if you're going to call it a philosophy, has been around forever ...

[It's about] expressing your views in the face of a society that isn't going to want to hear them." Yet many people want to hear the Dresdens' views. In Sydney, they had to move to a large venue because of ticket demand. The title comes from a folkloric letter to the editor by a girl asking if Father Christmas is real.

This summer, they reached a new crowd, touring alongside Erasure, Debbie Harry and the Gossip on Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Tour.

"We’ve done a lot of support tours, and so we’re used to getting out in front a crowd of mostly strangers that aren’t there for us," Palmer said.

"I can understand why you might get that impression if you’ve never heard the band’s music and see a photo of a guy and a girl dressed up in crazy costumes and think, ‘I don’t need to pay attention to that — why do they need to wear those crazy clothes? Our live show is so intense and so substantive and emotional that it’s sort of the price we have to pay for being so flamboyant — we have to prove ourselves as a rock band." Palmer and band mate Brian Viglione have been perfecting their eccentric stage act since 2001, when they began performing on the streets and stages of Boston.

In 2003, their self-titled album was released on Important Records and gave the Dresden Dolls a shove into the mainstream with the single and video for "Coin Operated Boy." They toured extensively in support of the album, eventually scoring an opening slot for Nine Inch Nails.

via the i Tunes Store and Amazon.com's MP3 service on June 10, 2008.

Singer Amanda Palmer has emphasized that the unreleased tracks from Yes, Virginia...

It's merited, but only partly conveys the emotionally charged music created by piano-playing singer Amanda Palmer and drumming partner Brian Viglione.

"I’ve slept with girls; I’ve slept with guys, so I guess that’s what they call it!

The compilation is a companion piece to the band's second studio album, 2006's Yes, Virginia..., and contains tracks left over from recording sessions dating back to 2003, along with b-sides and tracks released on compilations.

I remember that and being like, 'Oh, OK, this is great!

' " How does it compare with the thrill of being onstage?

The idea that you should be able to live the lifestyle you want. F--- what your parents think." What Palmer's parents thought of the "saucy" teenager she describes herself growing into is unclear.

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