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In remembering the late singer, Lady Gaga once said, "I always felt like Amy had opened a door for girls like me who didn’t fit that exact real pop mold..." Winehouse's talents were one of a generation and she is sorely missed.At the age of 10, Amy Winehouse formed the rap group with her best friend, Juliette Ashby.For an industry so grievously familiar with premature death, the music business has yet to pay any serious attention to preventing it, to recognising the fragility of its talents. And family, friends and hangers-on will give interviews and hand over their private videos and voicemails.And we will go and watch, and feel sad and uncomfortably responsible, and wish it were a new album we were spending our money on instead. Winehouse’s greed for love and self-destruction, her husband’s greed for drugs.In the cover story for Spin, writer Steve Kandell wrote about the incident, "don't be worried for Amy Winehouse. She's earned this." Fielder-Civil and Winehouse ended up marrying, but divorced in 2009.Apparently, this relationship is what introduced Winehouse to crack and heroin.

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They have all had documentaries made about them, too.

10: AMY WINEHOUSE London-born singer Amy Winehouse’s second album, 2006's Back to Black, which mixed R&B, jazz, soul and pop, has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, and helped her win a Brit Award and five Grammys.

Her sultry vocals, personal lyrics and distinctive beehive hairdo made the 27-year-old former theatre school student one of the world’s most popular, and recognisable, singer-songwriters before her death from alcohol poisoning in 2011.

Winehouse may have had her struggles -- she claimed that even at a young age she was kicked out of school for piercing her nose along with "general slackeritude" -- but she represents a persona the world continues to be captivated by.

The woman successfully realized her dreams in the only way she knew how.

We were more or less the same age and her music soundtracked the start of my adult, if not grown-up, life in London – nights spent at gigs and in pubs, weekends spent drifting around markets and dancing at festivals.

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