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There is always that shaky moment of loss, but I recall John sitting behind me in one of the basement classrooms.John had waited for a quiet moment during a study period; he sat right behind me.Gary The Armstrong’s & Johnson’s send their condolences to the Azure family. Bev (& Dewy) spent so much time @ our house, Dad called them his kids too! Although she was gone from North Dakota since 1959, whenever we talked with her it was like she never left.I use to work with Bev @ TMC in Dunseith, and she was one of the people I missed after leaving there. She remembered her roots and many of you now know this because of her entries on this very blog.The picture and many more which I will share, was taken by my husband Victor.

His father Lewis Terman, a psychologist who studied gifted children and popularized the IQ test in America, was a professor at Stanford.Tim’s presence on the blog recently was welcome and he should see his dad in 1987.Being a foodie, Snow White Bakery is way up on my list of Important. Please Lord bless this family and give them the strength to overcome what is ahead. Ginger (La Rocque) Poitra (65) Ginger, I’ve noticed that your email box has not been functioning for the last while. I know you and Myron were class mates long before I joined the class of 65 in our freshman year. It was all part of my growing up process and now I respect this even more. Myron your family will be remembered in my prayer’s, so you can make it through this terrible loss you are feeling. This includes when we were young (my cousins and I) and she would dole out the discipline as needed. Never was there a time when I thought she was mean or uncaring.I did not do well introducing Victor to everyone, but he wandered around and taking pictures that he knew I would treasure.

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