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Billed as a collection of ‘fictional snapshots based on experience’, Prince Of Tears sets its gripping tales of dashed hopes and terminally damaged relationships against surprisingly buoyant funk rhythms, orchestral strings and female vocal harmonies. WEEZERPacific Daydream (Atlantic)Weezer were all set to follow last year’s White Album with something darker and more introspective.

But the songs frontman Rivers Cuomo found himself writing were so upbeat that we have Pacific Daydream instead.

KELLY CLARKSONMeaning Of Life (Atlantic) Former American Idol winner Clarkson sounds reinvigorated by a recent change of record company.

“My colorist said that I’ve trained my scalp to not get greasy because I never wash it.” But Breckenridge, who […] Although the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala fundraiser has been happening since 1948, it wasn’t until Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour took over in the 1990s that the event became the Super Bowl of fashion.

The retro-soul of Love So Soft suits the Texan’s powerhouse style. Earth Wind & Fire guest on Whole Lotta Woman, and producer du jour Greg Kurstin adds poppy touches.

BAXTER DURYPrince Of Tears (Heavenly)There are echoes of his dad Ian’s dark humour — and the odd burst of industrial language — on Baxter Dury’s gritty fifth album.

Taylor Swift has spoken of feeling shamed in to staying away from romance after having her relationship history publicly mocked but as a celebrity, does she have a right to a private life?

Sarah Cuda STEREOPHONICSScream Above The Sounds (Parlophone)Driven by chunky riffs and reliable grooves, the first two tracks on the tenth Stereophonics album suggest business as usual.

The company teamed up with Best Friends Animal Society to bring more than 25 dogs displaced by Hurricane Harvey in Houston to find forever homes in their Roving Rescue Bus.

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