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But all of a sudden, she realized that if she comes into the kitchen while I’m cooking, her voice is going to be heard.When I’m cooking, I’m calling the shots so if you don’t tell me what you would like to eat, I’m sorry, but there’s not much I can do.In Italy, you hit the cheese store, the fruit stand and the bakery.Here I take a trip to one of my 24/7 grocery stores and I can pretty much load up the whole house, but it takes away the excitement.On saving space: Gabriele Corcos: Clean as you cook. Debi Mazar: Go through your pantry routinely and give whatever you aren’t using to someone who will use it.We all have spices that we bought because we liked the jar or some that we’re never going to use again, so check the expiry date and give it away if you are never going to make that weird dish you needed it for again. Go-to kitchen tools: DM: I think our hand immersion blender is a very useful tool, but we don’t use a lot of stuff in the kitchen. For the final three episodes of Extra Virgin in Tuscany, we borrowed a very large old marble mortar and pestle to make our pesto.

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She wanted to stall and asked, “Can I help you chop that zucchini?” I said, “Normally I would say yes, but I really need you to finish your homework." So I think there’s also some bartering and some bribery that goes on, and we have no problem with that.Actress Debi Mazar and her Italian husband, Gabriele Corcos, invite you into their home as they share their tremendous passion for Tuscan food and for each other.Favorite Tuscan flavors: GC: In terms of the herbs, I grow my own – with the exception of basil, which I can only grow during the warm season.Basically, bay leaves, sage, rosemary, and parsley, and that’s pretty much it.On eating Italian in California: GC: Funny enough, in the past 10 years on the West Coast, a lot of products from Italy have become available here; I can basically feed myself the same way I do in Italy.

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