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Look people, I know STRAIGHT church musicians who go out of their way to be a little “extra-masculine” as not to be falsely identified as gay. (SMH) Folks not only is this an indictment against Kirk but what about his camp?

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Paul said “I became all things to all men…” –some of yall don’t want to hear this but homosexual falls under all things, transvestite falls under all things.

Someone asked me before the session started was I going to show the video for Kirk Franklin’s “I Smile.” I watched the video that morning and told them absolutely not- they asked why- I said among other reason, the main reason is because in the video Kirk is wearing pink lipstick and eye-shadow ( I hadn’t yet noticed the mole above his lip that he had penciled in).

Now folks listen to me, I have a degree in Communications.

No one should steal the joy of making a wonderful announcement like this.

During a recent appearance on TBN’s ‘Praise the Lord’ with a fellow pastor, A. Bernard, the group did let news slip that the popular ‘We Fall Down’ singer just may be jumping the broom sometime in the near future.

Do you think it was a coincidence that the video was released just in time for LGBT Month?

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