Who is glenn jacobs dating


Unfortunately for Yankem, every outing against Hart, he ended up on the losing side. In 1996, "Big Daddy Cool" Kevin Nash, and his buddy Scott Hall left for the land of gigantic guaranteed contracts known as WCW.

This year has been no exception, he's been all over the place.Fans were surprised to see Kane's face without horrible scars. During an interview, Jim Ross exposed to the world that in fact Kane was never burned physically, just emotionally.Kane didn't take well to this intimate interview setting and felt that Ross was making fun of him.Journeyman Rick Bogner took over for da' bad guy, and a young Glenn Jacobs became Diesel.Fans were none too pleased to see this duo on TV, as it was obvious it wasn't Hall or Nash. The whole thing only lasted a couple of months before the two were taken off TV.Desperate times call for desperate measures, and they did something really desperate.

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