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The commentators on these collections are named decretalists, in contradistinction to the decretists, or those who commented upon the "Decretum" of Gratian.

Eventually some of these collections received official recognition; they form what is now known as the "Corpus Juris Canonici".

On account of their importance they were made the text of canonical instruction at the University of Bologna, and, like the "Decretum" of Gratian, were glossed, i.e.

notes bearing on the explanation and interpretation of the text were added to the manuscripts.

Raymond of PeƱaforte (Pennafort), a Dominican, to form a new canonical collection destined to replace all former collections.

It has been said that the pope by this measure wished especially to emphasize his power over the Universal Church.

Moreover, a pope less favourably circumstanced would, perhaps, not have thought of so important a measure.AJ Styles changed the landscapes of both Smack Down LIVE and Survivor Series when he defeated Jinder Mahal to capture his second WWE Championship.Elsewhere, Randy Orton and Rusev had a high-stakes contest...Finally, under the name decretals are known certain collections, containing especially, but not exclusively, pontifical decretals.These are the canonical collections of a later date than the "Decretum" of Gratian (about 1150). an answer of the pope when he has been appealed to or his advice has been sought on a matter of discipline.

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