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During early stages of production, Naomi was largely described as a privileged and popular teenager.

Prior to the series' premiere, Sachs and Judah would further develop Naomi into an antiheroine with a number of flaws, virtues, and familial issues.

Calgarians get their chance to celebrate on November 9, when Booby Ball takes over Calgary’s The Bank.

actor were photographed walking hand-in-hand on Sunday (July 9) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

(Yes, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator popped out of a cake).

Complete with a bouncy castle, storm troopers, candy floss, and balloon animals, the event was fit for booby enthusiasts of all ages.

Conversely, Naomi has also been a recipient of criticism, particularly during the second season.

“Both are big animal lovers and advocates and are working on a ‘Be Pawsome, Adopt! Trevor is big animal and human rights advocate…are friends who want to help the helpless.” To see the photos of Paris and Trevor holding hands, head on over to Daily Mail.Naomi is introduced as a rich girl who attends West Beverly Hills High.Her first on-screen birthday coincides with the birth of the series, during which several aspects of the character's personality are revealed.Afterward, she unveils a more pleasant demeanor as the two spend time together, but also reveals an opportunistic side by attempting to plagiarize one of Annie's papers.Upon being caught, however, she becomes offended when others express doubts about her ability, and seeks to prove that she can complete the work herself.However, her birthday party is disrupted by the news that Ethan has been unfaithful to her.

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