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Their albums have made them £250million and their spectacular tours have grossed upwards of £1.8billion.

Mick Jagger, whose androgynous sneer was once so feared by The Establishment, is now canny Sir Mick with a £225million fortune and palatial homes on three continents.

Europe's migration crisis, which erupted that same year, has also deepened the rift between the pro-refugee OSF and anti-immigration nationalists.

In January this year, a 'Stop Operation Soros' campaign emerged in Macedonia.

see Soros' networks as a threat to democracy,' Zoltan Kovacs, the spokesman of ultra right-wing prime minister Viktor Orban, wrote in a recent blog post entitled 'Myths and facts about Hungary and George Soros'.

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Across Hungary, government-backed billboards have popped up showing the magnate as a puppeteer pulling the strings of an opposition politician, a motif associated with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.'His (religious) background is irrelevant to the central issue, which is that an increasing number of governments...Similar attacks have been particularly vicious in his birth country Hungary, which on Tuesday is set to pass a controversial anti-NGO bill seen as directly targeting his foundation.And his status as the right-wing's most hated man has not been lost on many in the political realm.And the hate towards Soros has not just been fostered in Europe.In the US, he is a favored target of the far-right website Breitbart, which runs anti-Soros stories on an almost daily basis.It was fueled by the country's authoritarian ex-premier Nikolas Gruevksi, who regularly called for the country's 'de-Sorosisation'.

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