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We recommend to all 19 students to make an appointment with one of our Careers Advisors and Student Finance Advisors.

Daily appointments are available as well as daily 'Quick Query' sessions.

As well as being able to choose a range of short and introductory level courses, you could choose to take GCSE English or Maths, a range of Professional Courses or even an Access to Higher Education Diploma to take the first steps towards completing a degree.

Our 19 students range in age from 19 to 80 plus - they decide to study at Blackburn College for a number of reasons: to develop skills for employment and career development, to gain a professional qualification in the field they work in, to get a qualification that will open up new areas of employment, or for personal interest.

Color maps and detailed driving directions to each site are also included.These full-color guides are great companions on a hike or even a backyard exploration.Find information about species, maps of their range, and beautiful photos of Wisconsin's native amphibians and reptiles.The three books are: "Snakes of Wisconsin", "Amphibians of Wisconsin", and "Turtles and Lizards of Wisconsin".Wisconsin's forests for the Future Fund is a program that allows you to contribute to the sustainable management of Wisconsin's state forests.This 240-page full-color book is a nice gift for the birder or conservation-minded person.

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